Lead Photographer/ Owner

Part time zookeeper (2 cats, 2 dogs!), full time wedding and portrait photographer. Being a type-A artist, I'm a cocktail of serious and silly.

My style is romantic and vintage inspired with an artistic, modern spin. I believe in photographing authentic emotions by guiding your posing and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I approach life's memorable moments by creating unique portraits to look back on, while maintaining a light-hearted disposition for plenty of fun candids too. We'll be besties swapping heart to hearts years after the gallery is delivered!

I chose this field because I am deeply passionate about the human experience. Having photographs taken brings excitement to people in the moment and warm nostalgia to them in the future. I'd keep choosing this path of documenting others' lives a million more times if I had to.

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Fun Fact:

I am so inspired by latin culture and am always escaping to MX whenever I can. My goal is to one day be 100% fluently bilingual so I can photograph weddings for spanish speaking clients - y solo hablaré en español. :)


Associate Photographer

I’m Nicole and I’ve been doing this whole wedding photography thing for 7 years now! I not only work extra hard photographing your big day, but also pinning boutonnieres, fixing fly aways and most importantly making you laugh! Aside from photography, I have a passion for childhood development -- which is why I also went to school for early education. If there are kiddos around on the wedding day, I'm the best in the game with getting great photos of them!

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Average # of ice cream cones consumed per week:

You don't want to know...

Fun Fact:

My absolute favorite hobby is going out to eat. If I don't get to practice my hobby at least once a week I become very, very hangry. ;)


Associate Photographer

I grew up in South Jersey but I currently live in Philadelphia. With a large, beach loving family -- Wildwood and Ocean City are like a second home for me. 

I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. During my college years I got to experiment with almost every type of photography. Not only was I able to broaden my spectrum of specialities but I also got to learn what type of photography I truly loved. I love the feel of lifestyle photography and tend to incorporate a fashion approach when it comes to weddings.

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Vertically blessed:

5' 11"

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Fun Fact:

I'm a huuuuuge animal lover, I have 2 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 lizards!